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Lessig and FREE BEER on Danish National TV

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“The danish art group Superflex, has used this almost limitless form of copyright, for the recipe and design of the beer FREE BEER. The first market version was released today, produced by the brewery Skands. But other breweries – Carlsberg, for example – are welcome to make their own version of the beer, as long as they credit Superflex and Skands on their bottles. According to Lawrence Lessig, the internet, and the digital revolution calls for this new form of copyright, and opens up a new world of creativity. Already, text sound and images are copied and edited in large measure. Lawrence Lessig gave this humorous example from the Swedish Art group atmo”

3.0 Launch at Copyshop

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# COPYSHOP birthday
# FREE BEER v3.0 Launch
# Copy Dj Djuna Barnes world premiere
# dameUlove Djs
# Guaraná Power Bar

Saturday June 10. 15.00- 22.00:
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Photos of FREE BEER 3.0 at final production stage

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This is it! Right out of the tank..

Master brewer Birthe Skands describes 3.0 as a ”traditional, top fermented beer with a very high drinkability factor – defined as the desire to drink another glass or bottle. With heavier beer from Belgium, for example, you´ll drink only one glass which you´ll indulge in. With FREE BEER you´ll want to drink another one – so it´s actually thirst quenching. We also wanted a nice color, and ended up with a beautiful, light amber”

More photos in the FREE BEER Flickrpool

Recipe for FREE BEER 3.0 is out now

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FREE BEER version 3.0
(5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)
OG = 1.054 FG = 1.014
IBU = 32 SRM = 19 ABV = 5,2 %
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New vers. 3.0 labels are here!

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These are the brand new labels for FREE BEER v. 3.0 in collaboration with Skands Brewery. (Read on …)

FREE BEER on CNN Global Office

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Grab your free images of FREE BEER!

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We have set up a Flickr photo sharing pool, which is essentially a photo album from which everyone is free to download or add their own photos or graphics – we look forward to seing more like this

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Stallman on FREE BEER

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“I love the idea as long as I don’t have to drink it”

Richard Stallman on FREE BEER
Interviewed by Henrik Moltke

Click here to download the audio from

So, my name is Henrik. I’m calling on behalf of Superflex
Sorry – you said Super-what?
I don’t recall that name
Do you remember the ‘Free Beer’?
Yes (Read on …)

FREE BEER at the Art Basel, Miami

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miami free beer

Danish Radio: It-studerende vækker opsigt med ny øl

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Carlsberg, som oprindelig er kendt for sloganet “Vores Øl” i deres reklamer, tager de studerendes øl-happening afslappet.

Studerende fra IT-Universitetet på Amager har vakt opsigt internationalt ved at brygge, hvad de kalder verdens første open source øl.

En øl, hvor de deler opskriften med alle, hvorfor navnet på øllen også er “Vores Øl, version 1,0”.
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Wired News: Free Beer for Geeks

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By David Cohn for Wired News,1367,68144,00.html

Beer always tastes better when it’s free, or so the saying goes.

So leave it to a group of college students to find a way to make sure their beer is always free. Well, at least the recipe they use to brew it is. A group of students at IT University of Copenhagen have produced what they claim is the first open-source beer. (Read on …)

La bière philosophale

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Le magasin Copyshop, à Copenhague, est devenu un haut lieu de la contestation antipropriété intellectuelle. Produit phare: la Free Beer, une boisson dont la recette est publique, sur le principe du logiciel libre. Liberation online

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