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3.0 Launch at Copyshop

Friday, June 9, 2006 by freebeer Comments (0)

# COPYSHOP birthday
# FREE BEER v3.0 Launch
# Copy Dj Djuna Barnes world premiere
# dameUlove Djs
# Guaraná Power Bar

Saturday June 10. 15.00- 22.00:

FREE BEER version 3.0 Launch. Come and have a

World premiere Copy Dj Djuna Barnes
For the first time ever, you will have the option of the hear a
copy play copy tracks, and maybe you can recognise them.

Djs from dameUlove (the originals) will once again deliver sweet
powershopping tunes.

Guaraná Power Bar is ready to provide GPs and GP slush.

Benches and sunshades on the street, the forecast says sun sun sun,
så drop by between 15 and 22 and bring your friends.

Also check out: The release of FREE BEER 3.0 coincides with the launch of the Danish Creative Commons licensing system. Rasmus Nielsen from Superflex will give a presentation about the project at PRESSEN, Politikens Hus, Vester Voldgade 33 (porten), København V. More information:

Blaagaardsgade 11
If value, then copy

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