"Free as in free speech"

Lessig in Wired Mag: Free, as in Beer

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Ever since the birth of the free software movement, its defenders have struggled to explain just what “free software” is. If it is free, how do coders eat? And how do businesses that support the software – IBM, Hewlett-Packard – make any money from it? (Read on …)

First batch of FREE BEER 3.0 sold out

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The first batch of the Skands / Superflex collaborative beer ver. 3.0 is sold out. We still have a few, unlabelled bottles in Copyshop. Birthe Skands, master brewer is brewing the next batch, which we expect ready by end september. We will update the blog when ready.
Birthe Skands brewing away (photo:

Launch of Free Beer in north Italy

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Bozner Brau GmbH brews handmade beer in conformity with the Bavarian “purity decree” of 1516: the only ingredients used are barley, hops, water and yeast. Our traditional outlet, “Hopfen & Co.” is located in Bolzano’s fruit market, in Piazza delle Erbe.
In collaboration with “Free Beer,” we have created a type of beer: the conjunction of art and artisanship in liquid form. FREE BEER version 3.0.1
FREE BEER will be available at Museion – Museum of modern and contemporary art, Bolzano, Italy from September the 15th.

Free Beer version 2.1 on the Apollo brewery in Copenhagen

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The local brewery, Apollo, in Copenhagen released FREE BEER version 2.1. The brewery released version 2.0 last year. The beer will be available in August.
For more info on the brewery and recipe: