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Folha de Sao Paulo writes on FREE BEER and Cervejaria Germânia

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Version 3.2 (codename: St Austell)

This summer a collaboration between SUPERFLEX and Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery will produce FREE BEER (version 3.2), launching at Tate St Ives, as part of the exhibition “social systems” organised by ProjectBase and taking place across the county.
The new Cornish FREE BEER will be brewed with Cornish spring water from the Brewery’s private well and created with premium Maris Otter barley, grown locally in Cornish fields.
Tate St Ives, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate modern will have the new beer available for sale until September and will launch FREE BEER with a challenge to the ‘grey matter’ when ProjectBase hosts the FREE BEER Cornish International All-Comers Pub Quiz Challenge on Sunday 8 July at 7.30pm at Tate St Ives.
The beer will also be for sale in pubs, restaurants and hotels across Devon and Cornwall and at the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre and online at

Photo: Ian Kingsnorth
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Gilberto Gil: It´s not just free beer… it´s good beer!

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Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil partakes of “Free Beer” – brought to him at the iSummit in Rio de Janeiro June 2006.

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Danish newspaper Information writes on FREE BEER

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“På en dag, hvor temperaturen nærmer sig de 30 grader, lyder det jo forjættende: Gratis øl. Der er hedebølge og festivalsæson på vej, og det er kunstnergruppen Superflex, der her i forsommeren byder sig til med løftet om ‘free beer’. Men som det nu engang er med kunstnere, er der ikke helt hold i løfterne. Free beer er ganske vist fri på en helt særlig måde, men øllen er ikke gratis af den grund. (Read on …)

BBC Radio/Culture Shock on FREE BEER

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“To tip or not to tip? If the answer is yes, then how much? And why is our attitude to rewarding good service changing? These are some of the questions Tim Marlow will be exploring in this weeks’ Culture Shock when he talks to UK’s leading travel writer Simon Calder and Mary Meehan, co-founder of the Minnesota -based firm Iconoculture which focuses on translating trends for top multinational companies. And there is a new type of ‘free’ beer from Denmark which anyone in the world can brew and improve.”

Lessig and FREE BEER on Danish National TV

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“The danish art group Superflex, has used this almost limitless form of copyright, for the recipe and design of the beer FREE BEER. The first market version was released today, produced by the brewery Skands. But other breweries – Carlsberg, for example – are welcome to make their own version of the beer, as long as they credit Superflex and Skands on their bottles. According to Lawrence Lessig, the internet, and the digital revolution calls for this new form of copyright, and opens up a new world of creativity. Already, text sound and images are copied and edited in large measure. Lawrence Lessig gave this humorous example from the Swedish Art group atmo”

FREE BEER on CNN Global Office

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Danish Radio: It-studerende vækker opsigt med ny øl

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Carlsberg, som oprindelig er kendt for sloganet “Vores Øl” i deres reklamer, tager de studerendes øl-happening afslappet.

Studerende fra IT-Universitetet på Amager har vakt opsigt internationalt ved at brygge, hvad de kalder verdens første open source øl.

En øl, hvor de deler opskriften med alle, hvorfor navnet på øllen også er “Vores Øl, version 1,0”.
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Wired News: Free Beer for Geeks

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By David Cohn for Wired News,1367,68144,00.html

Beer always tastes better when it’s free, or so the saying goes.

So leave it to a group of college students to find a way to make sure their beer is always free. Well, at least the recipe they use to brew it is. A group of students at IT University of Copenhagen have produced what they claim is the first open-source beer. (Read on …)

La bière philosophale

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Le magasin Copyshop, à Copenhague, est devenu un haut lieu de la contestation antipropriété intellectuelle. Produit phare: la Free Beer, une boisson dont la recette est publique, sur le principe du logiciel libre. Liberation online

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