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FREE BEER book out now.

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FREE BEER is a collection of texts written by speakers at FSCONS 2008 and based on their respective talks. FREE BEER is based on classic communication technology, but with added hypertext protocols for a natural energy boost.

The authors of FREE BEER are Rasmus Fleischer, Jeremiah Foster, Stefan Larsson, Mike Linksvayer, Smári McCarthy, Henrik Moltke, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen, Denis Jaromil Rojo, Johan Söderberg, Victor Stone and Ville Sundell.

The entire book, including this website, is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence, version 2.5. This licence gives everyone the right to share, modify and even make money from the book, as long as it happens under the same licence.

Of course, FREE BEER is also a beer. You can find out more about the beer in the interview on page 57.

FREE BEER has been edited by Stian Rødven Eide. Thanks to Donald Williams for proofreading and Patrik Willard for the LaTeX wizardry.

Download the book here: