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FREE BEER funding artistic production in new zealand.

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Free Beer NZ
FREE BEER ( Codename: ARTSPACE) has been launched in Auckland, New Zealand.
For their exhibition at ARTSPACE NZ., SUPERFLEX is presenting FREE BEER (Code name: ARTSPACE) brewed by the Steam Brewing Company. Local artist & homebrewer Simon Cuming has also brewed a batch of unique FREE BEER in the gallery beginning the process on opening night and serving the result on the closing party 22 November.
ARTSPACE will seek to explore the potential of FREE BEER (Code name ARTSPACE) as an economic model for funding artistic production within the framework of the gallery.

FREE BEER (Code name: ARTSPACE) Available for private and commercial purchase:
$2 per bottle, $40 case of 24, Cash only
Please enquire at ARTSPACE office for more information.

FREE BEER events:
THE FREE BEER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PUB QUIZ, At: Tuesday 18 November at D.O.C, 352 Karangahape Rd, A chance to win a Brewcraft start-up kit and other FREE BEER related prizes!

Closing Party: Saturday 22 November, 3pm

Level 1, 300 Karangahape Road, Newton
PO Box 68418, Newton, Auckland, 1145 New Zealand
phone +64 9 3034965 fax +64 9 3661842

HOURS Tuesday – Friday 10-6 / Saturday 11-4
Brewing NZ

Brewing NZ

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Please be alert not to break the law

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Extra Taiwan øl info:

“It was a pleasure to be invited by SUPERFLEX and Taipei Fine Arts Museum to produce FREE BEER TAIWAN version. I personally strongly support the concept of Creative Commons and am more then happy to participate in this project. It’s difficult to brew beer in Taiwan; the ingredients are difficult to get and regulation are rather strict. Therefore, to those friends who are willing to start making beer; please be alert not to break the law.”
– Mr.Wen, Owner of North Taiwan Brewing company

In collaboration with 2008 Taipei Biennial, FREE BEER TAIWAN will be exhibited and distributed during the exhibition periods. You can find at the following stores at

FREE BEER with added mushroom!

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FREE BEER 3.3 brewed using the version 3.0 recipe, but with added mushroom!
FREE BEER 3.3 is made in collaboration with Everything Mushrooms, local Knoxville home brewers and mushroom aficionados. Visit their website: –

The mushroom beer was brewed at the opening of COPYSHOP Knoxville, Tennessee.. Visit their website:

knoxville freebeer 3.3

knoxville freebeer 3.3

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In knoxville Free beer version 3.3 was made together with the people from Everything Mushroom.