"Free as in free speech"

3.0 at the Re:publica Conference in Berlin

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Brewmaster Philipp is making 100 liters of fine FREE BEER 3.0. It going to be brewed on march 1st in Berlin to be ready for the re:publica conference in april.


more pictures can be found here:
and further more a German newspaper wrote an online article:

Free Beer garden at Van Abbemuseum

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Exhibition at Van Abbemuseum includes Free Beer:

Forms of Resistance.
Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present.
From 22 September 2007 through to 6 January 2008. The exhibition Forms of Resistance reflects on art and life and departs from four historical moments: the French Commune in 1871, the Russian Revolution of 1917, May 1968 and our world after the Berlin Wall came down (1989).
Based on these benchmarks it includes works by Manet, Courbet, Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Malevich, Brigada Ramona Parra, Atelier Populaire, Tucuman Arde, Sherk, Haacke, Johannesson, General Idea, Leonard, Piper, Ressler and Superflex amongst others.

more info:
The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

freebeer bottles 2007

Buy FREE BEER online

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We are proud to announce that FREE BEER 3.0 from the danish brewery ‘Skands’ now is available online. The beer can be ordered through the website

Click here to get directly to buy FREE BEER 3.0

2006 Status version 3.0

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In 2006 the Free Beer version 3.0 was brewed many times by different brewers and tasted by many beer drinkers around the world. Here is a list of what we know about, please correct us if we missed something.

freebeer verseion 3.0 bottles 2006

From the left:
Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Bozner Brau Bolzano for Museon, Bolzano, Italy (label in German)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Brew it Up, Sacramento for Jack Hanley Galleries, San Francisco (label in English)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Brew it Up, Sacramento for Radical Software, CCA, San Francisco (label in English)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Bozner Brau for Museum, Bolzano, Italy (label in Italian)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Brew it Up, Sacramento for Creative Commons birthday party San Francisco (label in English)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed by Brew it Up, Sacramento for Montalvo Art Centre, Montalvo, California (label in English)

Free Beer Version 3.0, Brewed and distributed by Skands in Denmark

Dec 15, Copenhagen: CC b-day and FREE BEER

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Props Coffee Shop, Blågårdsgade 5 (map here), 16h CET.
As part of a global celebration of the four-year anniversary of the Creative Commons licensing system, the FREE BEER team invites you to hygge and a new draught version of FREE BEER. Members of the CC Denmark and the FREE BEER team will be there and happy to discuss beer and other serious issues. The beer will, as always, be free as in freedom, and bottled versions sold at a reasonable price.
Escape the Julefrokost, come join us!

Radical Software

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A batch of FREE BEER 3.0 was made at micro brewery in Sacremento. The batch was made for an exhibition at CCA Wattis Institute in San Francisco:
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Micro brewery “Brew it up” in Sacremento makes FREE BEER 3.0

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FREE BEER delivery, originally uploaded by fengergold.

Picking up FREE BEER 3.0 in Sacremento, CA.
A batch of FREE BEER was made at the micro brewery BREW IT UP in Sacremento California. It was made from the 3.0 recipe and tasted lovely.
The batch will be served at CCA Wattis Institute for the exhibition “Radical Software” in San Francisco. Exhibition Dates: November 28, 2006–March 24, 2007
This is the first batch they made we will do 3 more before x-mas. One of them will be served on December 15th. at the birthday party for Creative Commons, San Francisco.

FREE BEER in Bolzano!

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Launch of Free Beer in north Italy

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Bozner Brau GmbH brews handmade beer in conformity with the Bavarian “purity decree” of 1516: the only ingredients used are barley, hops, water and yeast. Our traditional outlet, “Hopfen & Co.” is located in Bolzano’s fruit market, in Piazza delle Erbe.
In collaboration with “Free Beer,” we have created a type of beer: the conjunction of art and artisanship in liquid form. FREE BEER version 3.0.1
FREE BEER will be available at Museion – Museum of modern and contemporary art, Bolzano, Italy from September the 15th.

Photos of FREE BEER 3.0 at final production stage

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This is it! Right out of the tank..

Master brewer Birthe Skands describes 3.0 as a ”traditional, top fermented beer with a very high drinkability factor – defined as the desire to drink another glass or bottle. With heavier beer from Belgium, for example, you´ll drink only one glass which you´ll indulge in. With FREE BEER you´ll want to drink another one – so it´s actually thirst quenching. We also wanted a nice color, and ended up with a beautiful, light amber”

More photos in the FREE BEER Flickrpool

Recipe for FREE BEER 3.0 is out now

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FREE BEER version 3.0
(5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)
OG = 1.054 FG = 1.014
IBU = 32 SRM = 19 ABV = 5,2 %
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New vers. 3.0 labels are here!

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These are the brand new labels for FREE BEER v. 3.0 in collaboration with Skands Brewery. (Read on …)