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Taiwan Beer makes FREE BEER

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For the 2008 Taipei Biennial (TB08), Superflex collaborated with North Taiwan Brewing to produce FREE BEER TAIWAN. For TB10, the Taipei Biennial has collaborated with Taiwan Beer to continue producing the well known open source beer FREE BEER. And as usual the recipe and branding elements are published under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5), which means anyone can use the recipe to brew their own or create a derivative. A prime objective is to create an open business and question the prevailing system of copyright and trade. You can make money on FREE BEER.


Please be alert not to break the law

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Extra Taiwan øl info:

“It was a pleasure to be invited by SUPERFLEX and Taipei Fine Arts Museum to produce FREE BEER TAIWAN version. I personally strongly support the concept of Creative Commons and am more then happy to participate in this project. It’s difficult to brew beer in Taiwan; the ingredients are difficult to get and regulation are rather strict. Therefore, to those friends who are willing to start making beer; please be alert not to break the law.”
– Mr.Wen, Owner of North Taiwan Brewing company

In collaboration with 2008 Taipei Biennial, FREE BEER TAIWAN will be exhibited and distributed during the exhibition periods. You can find at the following stores at


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As a part of the Taipei Binnial a FREE BEER has been released. The beer is available in different bars around Taipei.


FREE BEER TAIWAN has been produced in collaboration with North Taiwan Brewery and is available in selected bars in Taipei. The recipe is FREE BEER version 3.2 (codename: “St Austell”)

FREE BEER 3.3 is bottled.

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Copyshop Knoxville and Everything Mushrooms has now bottled FREE BEER version 3.3 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Images here:

Workshop:The world of Beer na Galeria Vermelho

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Sábado, 15/12  das 14 às 17h

Cilene Saorin – mestre-cervejeira, beer sommelier e Presidente da Associação Brasileira de Profissionais em Cerveja e Malte, e Arnaldo Ribeiro – biólogo mestre-cervejeiro Arnaldo Ribeiro.

Conteúdo –  História da cerveja, matérias primas, procedimentos, tipos de cerveja, degustação, cerveja & comida.

Inscreva-se com Elisa no telefone 11 3257 2033.

Galeria Vermelho
Rua Minas Gerais, 350 – 01244010 – São Paulo – 11 3257 2033

Events at Galeria Vermelho 1.december from 16-20h

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16h – Conversation with SUPERFLEX, Lisette Lagnado and Ronaldo Lemos

18h – The Free Beer Intellectual Property Pub Quiz

Free Beer is an ‘open brand’ – all material associated with Free Beer, including the logo and recipe, is released under a Creative Commons licence, and can be used or modified by anybody.
The FB-IP-PQ is a set of classic pub quiz questions about music, food, pirates and the unjustifiable encroachment of intellectual property law on all areas of life for the benefit of corporate capital.

1 point for each correct answer unless otherwise stated.

Folha de Sao Paulo writes on FREE BEER and Cervejaria Germânia

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Cervejaria Germânia is making FREE BEER in Sao Paulo

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Freebeer 5 liter germania
A new version of FREE BEER that will be displayed at the gallery Vermelho relies on a partnership with “Cervejaria Germânia”, which, besides producing the beverage adjusting the recipe to the Brazilian palate, will also distribute the product.

The association between Germânia and FREE BEER meets one of the prime objectives of the project, since it builds an open business, which, starting from a real product, questions the copyright system, in relation to intellectual property.

The FREE BEER will also be featured in the exhibition by a series of machines – “Counter-game strategies”. In a game format, the machines, whose rules will be displayed next to them, simulate the fashion of the social economic system, with its production and distribution, competitiveness, collaboration, earnings and profit. These machines will be spread around the gallery and visitors will be able to handle them freely.

OPENING:: November 27th at 20h
PERIOD:: from November 28th to December 22nd, 2007.
CHAT WITH THE ARTISTS and RONAL LEMOS, and FREE BEER PUB QUIZ:: December 1st, from 4 to 8 p.m.
OPENING HOURS:: from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Galeria vermelho
Rua minas gerais, 350 – 01244010 – são paulo – 11 3257 2033

Cervejaria Germânia:


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FREE BEER 3.3 is brewing this very moment in Copyshop, Knoxville, Tennessee.
FREE BEER 3.3 - brewing
Version 3.3 is brewed using the version 3.0 recipe, but with added mushroom!
FREE BEER 3.3 is made in collaboration with Everything Mushrooms, local Knoxville home brewers and mushroom aficionados.
Visit their website
Get the recipe

Free Beer garden at Van Abbemuseum

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Exhibition at Van Abbemuseum includes Free Beer:

Forms of Resistance.
Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present.
From 22 September 2007 through to 6 January 2008. The exhibition Forms of Resistance reflects on art and life and departs from four historical moments: the French Commune in 1871, the Russian Revolution of 1917, May 1968 and our world after the Berlin Wall came down (1989).
Based on these benchmarks it includes works by Manet, Courbet, Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Malevich, Brigada Ramona Parra, Atelier Populaire, Tucuman Arde, Sherk, Haacke, Johannesson, General Idea, Leonard, Piper, Ressler and Superflex amongst others.

more info:
The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

freebeer bottles 2007


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Version 3.2 (codename: St Austell)

This summer a collaboration between SUPERFLEX and Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery will produce FREE BEER (version 3.2), launching at Tate St Ives, as part of the exhibition “social systems” organised by ProjectBase and taking place across the county.
The new Cornish FREE BEER will be brewed with Cornish spring water from the Brewery’s private well and created with premium Maris Otter barley, grown locally in Cornish fields.
Tate St Ives, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate modern will have the new beer available for sale until September and will launch FREE BEER with a challenge to the ‘grey matter’ when ProjectBase hosts the FREE BEER Cornish International All-Comers Pub Quiz Challenge on Sunday 8 July at 7.30pm at Tate St Ives.
The beer will also be for sale in pubs, restaurants and hotels across Devon and Cornwall and at the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre and online at

Photo: Ian Kingsnorth
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Stealing Free Beer

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Shortfilm made from the opening at the Wattis Institute in San Francisco. Free Beer 3.0 was a part of the exhibition “Radical software” curated by Will Bradley. This video was made by Patrick Wilkinson.

Radical Software

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A batch of FREE BEER 3.0 was made at micro brewery in Sacremento. The batch was made for an exhibition at CCA Wattis Institute in San Francisco:
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La bière open source

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The Swiss broadcasting network, NOUVO, document FREE BEER in Bolzano, Italy.
link to web site:


This is in French

La bière open source
Publié le 21 sept. 2006
Reportage: Zian Marro
Montage: Alexandre Bugnon

Les capsules sautent, la machine à pression tourne à plein régime, dans le musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Bolzano en Italie, l’heure est à la fête. C’est un vernissage pas tout à fait comme les autres. Pour cette exposition consacrée aux ?uvres collectives et interactives, la bière a remplacé le champagne. Et pas n’importe quelle bière: celle-ci est open source.

Les trois membre du collectif danois Superflex enseignaient à l’Université des technologies de l’information à Copenhague. «On pensait que le développement des logiciels open source était un concept très intéressant», raconte Jakob Fenger de Superflex, «et on voulait appliquer ces idées à un médium plus analogique. On a choisi la bière pour faire ça.»

A l’image des logiciels de Microsoft, les gros brasseurs comme Carlsberg ou Heineken protègent jalousement leurs recettes. Celle de la Free Beer est publiée sur internet. Elle peut être reprise, modifiée, voire même commercialisée. Aujourd’hui, les Superflex en sont déjà à la version 3.0!