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Free Beer version 8.0 – Brewery 304

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 by freebeer Comments (0)

The spirit of craft, defined as hand-crafting to fulfill one’s own needs or respecting each unique taste, is an important aspect of this age of “local.” This also applies to the beer brewing industry, in which many local breweries are putting in various efforts to embody their own tastes according to this spirit of craft, collectively heading towards overcoming the pre-existing perception on beer. As one of these local breweries, Brewery 304 began with a firm determination to challenge the fragmentary Korean beer industry through offering our audiences an elegant and interesting world of beer, embodying our delicate and perfectionist taste.
While participating in the FREE BEER project, we were captivated by the “Open Source” spirit of FREE BEER. From this rather ironic thought that the much freeing spirit of craft which respects each different taste can be demonstrated through the idea of “Open Source,” Brewery 304 created FREE BEER Version 8.0, adding our delicate and perfectionist taste to the beer style of wide appeal. Brewed with our sincere hope for all to take a step further into the freeing world of craft beer, FREE BEER Version 8.0 uses golden ale as a base, resulting in a light but delicate and elegant flavor for
everyone to enjoy.

This new batch of FREE BEER was commissioned by Art Sonje Center and Kukje Gallery for the exhibition Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanissmmm Act 3–Act 4 at Art Sonje Center for the period March 17 to April 24, 2022.

Available at
Brewery 304
The Kitchen @ Kukje Gallery

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